"Taking my lessons with “Drive Right” has helped my confidence no end. My instructor was very calm, thorough and patient with me, which helped tremendously. Drive Right are very reliable and well priced, I’m extremely happy I chose them and passed my test first time with no driver faults at all !! Thank you Dave"

(Kylie , Lincoln)

"Thank you for helping me when my previous Instructor let me down 2 wks before my test date. Thanks to you I passed my test first time. I was amazed at the difference in Instructors. Thank goodness Amy recommended you. I'm really grateful for all the help you gave me."

(Emma, Lincoln)

"I couldn't believe I was allowed to drive the car on my first lesson! Wow! It was an amazing experience and improved my confidence no end. I couldn't wait for my next lesson!"

(Alex, North Hykeham)

"Just a little thank you for the lessons. You've made me a better and more confident driver. You're the best. I'm honoured and very glad to have met you. Take care and thanks again."

(Sonja, Nettleham)

"This is just a little note to say thanks for preparing me so well and giving me the confidence as a driver. It is a great feeling to have a Full Drivers Licence and to know that I did it! Thanks for making learning to drive so much fun"

(Theo, Branston)

"Thank you very much for all your help and support. I really enjoyed my lessons with you. I still can't believe I have passed my test first time! It has benefited me loads."

(Kirsty, Lincoln)

 "In my time I've had three driving instructors but Dave at Drive Right really outshone anyone I'd previously learnt with. His desiel car pretty much drives it self. Dave is is great company in the car and never made me feel self conscious when I was having a bad driving lesson. He offers lots of sage advice and chewing gum. I could have not have been more confident taking (and passing) my test after just a dozen lessons"

(Gale Maunder)